Politics, sports, religion, education, ecology, travel, hotels, cars, rentals, phones, televisions, poker chips, hair spray, tires, gasoline, trucks, education, (any idea what all of this has to do with the other?). Advertising. Yes, ads. They each want your attention. especially if you are in the market. Even if your not now in the market the odds are you will be some day. Ads make it possible for things like free tv, lower food costs and airlines which don't make a profit. (I never have figure that out) Ads are annoying and disruptive. They give us something to talk about the day after the Super Bowl. Ads teach about available products. They are a mixed blessing. They are the corner stone of the capitalistic system. Love them or hate them we can now use them to make money from home. You help the advertisers get their message out and they can help you make money. Ain't websites great?!!!