Quad copters are real cool toys there helicopters with a stable platform some cost $30 some $3000 some have cameras but pretty much all of them can do stunts
I don't think you can buy insurance for them but I could be wrong what car insurance helicopter insurance house insurance I Travaden just for the ads but the helicopters themselves are really neat for quad copter's whatever you want to call their fun toys kait8 them for play with them Tribout about the air sometimes you can chase birds and Virgil Tracy back
These notes are just notes that I used to put contact or context anyway words on my website I do it by Siri and she doesn't always get it right just why I and up with all sorts of different words and no.'s weather supposed to be in quotations and now! Such stuff they just aren't in there but words are words and I can put also to contact context anything
This is just an easy simple way to put words on my website because I really don't have anything to say in this world I just want to get the pictures out there so that people see pictures below videos the mobile spiders for the web searches white words so I put words on here that's why like cars insurance hotels travel as the words it really are Geduld searches
This content is really messed up it's worse than usual see you usually does a better job than this but for some reason it's not picking up my words very well but I'm very cold because it's only like 18° outside the weather is not pleasant and I'm using a headset instead of just talking into Siri for the phone whatever don't call so that's good things messed up to and that's all I've got to say bye