Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to Make Clean Energy Affordable for All

Clean energy—such as wind and solar—is gaining momentum across the country. And it should be available to everyone.

Earlier this month, at a hearing in Chicago, more than 300 people showed up to support the Clean Energy Incentive Program, an innovative program that rewards states that act early to bring more renewable energy and energy efficiency to their communities. This program, a companion to the Clean Power Plan, could mean a lot more clean energy resources in low-income communities. But since it's optional for states to join, we need to urge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve the program's design to make clean energy affordable for all.

While the Clean Power Plan, our nation's first-ever limits on global warming emissions from power plants, is on hold until the current legal challenges are resolved, that does not change the underlying economic and public health benefits from a shift to renewables and efficiency. That's why states and the EPA are moving ahead decisively.

Right now, the EPA wants public input on the Clean Energy Incentive Program. With your support, we can encourage the EPA to make it a stronger plan to bring clean energy to communities that need it most—tell the EPA you want a robust Clean Energy Incentive Program.

The clean energy transition has strong momentum and it is good for all Americans to continue building on that. This could be big, and it could be a step towards more equal benefits as clean energy gains momentum across the country.

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