Buckeye Country Roads Bicycle Tours "Ohio as you've never seen it" 


         Luxury bicycle tours showcasing the best of Ohio
Small groups, fine food and accommodations, beautiful scenery, full support


Buckeye Country Roads Bicycle Tours,

                         where you will experience

            "Ohio as you've never seen it!"

Let us show you the Ohio that can only be seen from the seat of a bicycle.  Let us pamper you with the finest hotel comforts, full support, catered dinners, delicious hot breakfasts, daily wine and cheese receptions, and above all, the intimacy and camaraderie of a small group touring experience.  The opportunity awaits for you to experience some of Ohio's most beautiful regions from the seat of your bicycle.  Our tours have it all: lovely roads and scenery, great hotels, wonderful food, Midwest hospitality, and many many places to stop and smell the roses (and taste the pies, fine meats, cheeses, and chocolate!).  

Call or email us for further information, and be sure to look through each of the three tours we currently offer.  Registering for a tour is easy--just complete and mail in the registration form now.  Tours are limited to 25 persons each.  Discounts are available - see Our Tours 2014 page for more info.


NOTE: Every tour rider must read and understand our Safety Letter and acknowledge having done so on the tour registration form.


Explanation of tour difficulty ratings:

1: totally flat with very minor undulations; suitable for riders of any ability
2: mostly flat with some undulations and a few hills of moderate difficulty; best for any riders of reasonable fitness level comfortable with a few hill climbs of moderate difficulty
3: gently rolling with a few hills of varying difficulty; best for intermediate to advanced level riders of reasonable fitness level who enjoy highly variable terrain of some steepness
4: rolling with a large number of hills of varying difficulty; best for intermediate to advanced level riders of good fitness level who are up to the challenge of multiple steep hill climbs in any given day
5: rolling to hilly with multiple long and/or steep climbs; best for advanced riders of good fitness level who are up for very frequent and challenging climbing 



How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Bike Tour from America ByCycle on Vimeo.

We teamed up with the Adventure Cycling Association to produce a series of videos on bicycle touring. This is the first of them, highlighting how to get prepared for your tour!