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I guess I don't need the dictation on my iPhone as an app. This will work just fine as long as I continue to talk. I don't know how long it will last. I don't know how well it will work. I also wonder if I need to do something to use my Bluetooth it may or may not work well with the Bluetooth I don't know. Once upon a time and place far far away there was a little elf took a walk off a short pier long walk short. That junk. Have to keep remember remembering to say. And, question
Now I'm just gonna time and see how long it'll take. It may or may not record for more than 30 seconds maybe 15 I'm checking that now. But I can just keep pushing the microphone button make that so work. Or I can just keep talking and maybe that'll do I don't know. We can test this out time and time again play with it if I doubt maybe that Bluetooth final pop up I don't know. This is kind of strange talking and saying things I have no clue about were already at 30
That lasted for about 40 seconds it's new information like this iPhone I'm going don't but dictation app because it doesn't do what I wanted to do anyway when if I have to keep saying. All the time done

well I thought I record this 0:03 best quick video clip to show you that 0:06 Chiqui Gua sugar 0:09 which TCA well I mean I'm 0:12 a publisher up the ass and may have 0:15 ended display yes if you're familiar 0:19 or if you want agents publisher you understand 0:23 in a sense says the best way to 0:26 increase your generated revenue 0:30 is to choose the type tax 0:34 and display yet because 0:37 it will give you more appetizers airheads 0:42 to you bill the real estate space that you have on your 0:46 website blog Oracle 0:51 home I just think this is amazing they just keep getting better and better they 0:55 involve the get better 0:57 I just want to show this came up and I was tickled pink 1:00 I was not aware of this so I thought you would like to be aware 1:03 you have your text any display increases the odds are that good quality 1:08 and being shown on your webpage 1:11 I'm signed into my 1:15 pension scam: I just took away my publisher 1:19 ID number and I have school down a bit 1:23 but just so you know they say here's a text 1:26 and display its they sent me emails 1:30 all the time giving me pointers and tips 1:33 on how to increase generate 1:38 daily revenue: faster now 1:42 just it's amazing the competition that's going on 1:45 accents just a few months ago the 10 1:49 yeah anniversary sugar has been around that long 1:53 is a ground-floor opportunities to join programs for free 1:57 to become a publisher so you can put into place 2:03 a solid foundation to generate revenue I'm just really excited about Jessica 2:08 I'm happy I got to show you that and never give up 2:11 folks enjoy member you can use 2:15 free check earn money all morning