0:00 a dissenter jump off from I Love You Came I mean it at mark this is tonight 0:04 at nine and this video I would like to give few 0:06 and independent review of the company I am 0:09 Global Domains International or so-called website dot 0:12 WS now whether you already an affiliate in his company and trying to find out 0:17 how to mark this company 0:18 or York are we're just doing your research and if you got introduced 0:23 to this company and I if you want to get involved in this opportunity 0:26 we want to find out if you if those products making are making sense 0:30 for you a first-ball I like to ask a 0:33 answered the question is this company the Jets and a real company 0:37 well from my point of views if you're gonna do a little research about it 0:42 and yes this is a real budget company now how do I noticed an 0:47 if I go for example at an independent 0:50 website calls Eminem rankings outcome I am 0:53 dis this independent website is an 0:57 is set is looking over an network marketing companies 1:01 home based business opportunities if they're legit and 1:04 we we can all score compared with those companies make a scene here 1:08 the above the Mason national is one of the top gainers 1:11 this month alright so that makes sense so at 1:14 that shows for me that is a real legit company now let's have a look to the 1:19 products so what do they offer 1:20 I one solution to the offer now dissolution 1:23 yes an to solve the problem that the most 1:27 dot com and OPNET web sites are ok but 1:30 the means you cannot really register an 1:33 popular keywords are popular domain anymore which dot com for dotnet 1:38 said did thats ex-leader solution and 1:41 for me sure that make sense if somebody with some data set yeah I sure I can 1:45 totally understand that make sense 1:47 but if I will be in complete newbie at his website 1:51 and I will never heard about that issue before 1:54 I mean this website doesn't really communicate that right doesn't really 1:59 say 1:59 why I should be listening why I should be paying attention or why I should 2:04 having interests 2:05 or back great like a little bit oven desire or making a decision 2:10 to buy the products so what I'm missing a little bit a short video that explains 2:14 me exactly as a potential client no 2:17 why I should be listening to them alright solemn 2:21 they offer like a service email domain for widening site builder 2:25 well for like assess I bill are if I will be 2:28 if I will be in a potential client that I would like to see some examples how to 2:32 look like you know 2:34 an our day SEO optimized or anything that s 2:37 premium domains okay soda 2:41 also really doesn't say that much to me at a scroll down I can see here 2:45 the affiliates a solution a ride and I can see here 2:50 dead I Cassell a ten dollar monthly package 2:53 all right that includes stirred up to be estimate workstation hosting 2:56 than email addresses your l4d easy 3:00 to use on my website dollar an that allows you to be a to have a 3:04 professional looking website 3:05 alright knife I go to find out more about this 3:09 then 3:13 there something like unkept bitch ike 3:17 again doin some details I can see 3:20 the and at all to go anywhere 3:24 and that you can go it doesn't go anywhere her I said that that to mean 3:27 for me I will click back or I leave this page 3:30 and that that that will be a waste now if I go to pricing 3:34 I mean I don't see anything back 3:37 order ten dollar monthly package so that's frustrating 3:43 ride if I will be in Anaheim a potential clients 3:46 I we walk away from this website so as an affiliate that something that you 3:51 should 3:52 think about I mean personally I hope 3:55 if you get involved in this company as an affiliate that you get 3:58 marketing tools ride the our marketing tools that explains exactly 4:02 the problem people are facing you know who won America's turned a main 4:06 and that you have a solution that to happen painkiller 4:10 to offer and right and that that this transparence 4:13 and thats at else to make Szekely what to get and what to expect 4:17 and what I going to achieve after they bought the product 4:22 so it doesn't really communicate at this web sites unfortunately 4:26 so if you're searching for a way to make some extra money 4:30 and if you want to do is with web sites .ws thats of it does you up to you 4:34 but what you need to know be aware of 4:37 first of all if you want to do this I think personally you have to be 4:41 already a little bit engaged emotional gauge with the entire internet 4:46 and domain and domain registration history 4:49 if not why should you promote this product i mean there are 4:52 down so far kinda products in industries out there right 4:55 so you need to have you need to have something with this product 4:59 you know you know before to make money with it said mr. if you have like 5:03 something with its 5:05 if you understand this kind of industry day you should learn a little bit more 5:08 about 5:09 marked a ride because if I go to the 5:12 to their in income comp later right I can type in 5:16 if I get what like $100 for a loss its est that I will 5:19 make one dollar for a preview for of a just purchased another package 5:24 right now this isn't it is unlike in network marketing scheme so that means 5:28 like 5:28 it's like Milton dr. Philip program that means if I got like an affiliate 5:32 and affiliate all start promotes I'm also going to make money off their 5:36 volume now there's a cool part but the most affiliates 5:41 they are not going to promote they don't know how to promoted 5:44 they don't understand marketing their dead they're just see the dollar sign 5:48 but they don't have likened entrepreneurial bone in her body 5:52 so if you wanna do this make sure is that you 5:55 going to recruits entrepreneurs leaders 5:59 and marketers one step marketing or how to network with people 6:03 or who already have in business wouldn't you know when a huge network 6:07 that has dem for easily to to duplicate right and that's something that you need 6:11 to be aware of 6:12 so if you wanna make success with this company 6:16 I think that you should targets on of burners right 6:19 whether that s in the network marketing industry because if you go to Target 6:23 addition entrepreneurs 6:24 you know they say like yeah but you know I just want to get the products you know 6:28 why should I not go to house caterer to 6:30 go daddy: well they say like yeah but you can make so much money with it 6:34 well there are somewhat bearish or people would have to say sorry but I 6:37 don't wanna make money with it I just want to get a domain 6:40 suppress me my advice is targets on entrepreneurs 6:44 in home-based business industry one of the main and want to get a website 6:48 right served as my advice so they can also start to promote 6:52 to their network and then you can really make some money 6:55 so a disco play to make sense for example few 6:58 refer 100 people what is important is a ticket elect a leader in 7:03 you know that can promote that can take care of that duplication 7:07 big ass there's like I 7:10 a but something that you need to know you know like 7:13 20 percent at twenty percent of your network 7:17 does eighty percent of your volume so that means 7:20 like eighty percent of your network does something like twenty percent of your 7:24 volume 7:25 right and the most people they just have bunch of people that shit day just %uh 7:29 able to duplicate so let's say for the next level you have like 10 7:33 alright maybe up to at the next level we have like wanna may be here yet wanna 7:37 see how much rain did you forget something like five on a 7:40 dollars now you can do the math by yourself you know you can play with it 7:44 by urself 7:45 I am but again you you know you should you should 7:48 getting a lot of people by urself and you don't do that too by which a France 7:53 air with your family or what anybody in your network you know that 7:56 you only can do it if you if you know how to targets 7:59 and if you know how to drive traffic venom arm 8:03 an if you know how to drive traffic and you center traffic 8:07 not straight to a sills bitch you know where it came by to product because 8:11 maybe they are not ready yet to buy 8:13 what anyone think about it you know it's not the time they don't have the money 8:16 or they don't need at this moment 8:17 to read reason yet to send that traffic to lead capture page shuriken 8:22 captured those leads and Ken follow up does 8:25 leads with emails Windows emails are going to remind them 8:29 that you exist as an affiliate you know you kept them 8:33 valium you get this I'm training to give them some tutorials you know so they're 8:36 going to have to picture 8:37 and you go to bring the awareness you can't take them away to objections 8:41 of not going to host Gator go today but go wit 8:45 you now do you do that I mean 8:48 I'm this could be very simple 8:51 ketchup base right where people can only do one thing 8:55 if their name and email and it just page me you know that explains this process 8:59 you know how to drive traffic to capture page in sales page you know 9:02 Anna when people sign up they go to an a little training video 9:07 and then I can try out this capture page 9:10 machine an program you know it's called by willette system 9:14 wake N i jus very very easy 9:17 caps bitches church is this or capture pages 9:21 as this Edo and do could target on people who were 9:25 trying to find a solution I am 9:29 on records sir and domain right so 9:32 this is something you start to think about not day need to know how to drive 9:36 traffic I mean caps Bates is nice but they need to know 9:39 outstretched traffic so a.m. 9:43 if you go to this page you know you can't ride a system for free 9:46 where you can also get isn't access to our training center 9:49 and one in our training center explaining exactly how does 9:53 a be marked the stuff works you know how to follow up people what to say 9:57 what not to say you know stuff like that and also you can find some 10:01 some trainings about how to drive traffic you know how to get 10:04 is traffic produce outlets and target people home based business 10:08 or how to at targets people on Facebook 10:11 now to save time and money with a very nice to list of their 10:16 and or mobile marketing YouTube marketing life you wanna do this 10:20 you know ranked an and jude video in a Google search results you know you have 10:25 to understand 10:25 SEO a little bit now to give you like in a half 10:29 impression how does work well I'm sorry to one overwhelming with too much 10:31 information 10:33 you know but if I will go and do some key research 10:36 about this company Global Domains International I find a key words: 10:40 I find a key words: for example this one best domain register 10:44 you know somebody will dragged it into key work I will see deaths 10:48 a I got +91 attentional 10:51 daily clicks I can get +91 potential daily clicks 10:55 after I will ranked by video in a first 10:58 10 results in Google a ride and then I need to find out 11:02 I need to know I need to know an what exactly 11:06 how strong are my competitors now here I find the first 10 results 11:10 on the keyword best domain register alright and here aka 11:13 fine like all rights the for spacious you know they have like an all the 11:17 domain 11:18 you know so that's a little bit tricky but then I see that there are still 11:22 younger domains so when I should work on his 11:25 I make it upto make sure I optimizes YouTube video 11:29 with a lot of contents and valuable content you know 11:32 and then I will be built backlinks on that YouTube video 11:35 so to feel will be ranked bear in Go Go 11:38 and agassi I can do this because I am 11:43 does pages you know the worst cases this page 11:46 and has over 900 backlinks alright so if I will be 11:49 some are here or somewhere here I can get some traffic from thats 11:53 traffic to my capture page and drive pleats build a relationship with those 11:57 knees 11:57 offered em solutions. for global the maze international 12:01 so there's actually what I would like to share with you to ask you a question if 12:04 there's a real legit company 12:06 a the last being yes it is because I found this company 12:10 Global Domains International at the page Eminem 12:13 rankings and Eminem ranking system independent 12:16 website organization that thats is looking over two companies 12:21 who out there right are alleged to know they compared with other companies and 12:24 stuff like that 12:25 and when I found out is ago but Ms is one up to 12:29 fastest-growing a.m. last month you know they had to pass a grow 12:33 last month's rights number place number re sadat's 12:37 interesting so for that reason that could make an 12:40 could give him better decision to go in this company but first 12:44 think as a marketer and act as a marketer and doodads 12:47 day yet make sure to check link at that you click dead link below to see video 12:52 say can get excess to test free kept bitches you know that you can set up 12:56 and wake up by to tread to a nation out to drive traffic to the sketch pages 13:00 and how to do a follow-up with your email alright so i hope i give you some 13:04 clarification and help 13:05 I this video gives you some failure as a please make sure to subscribe to 13:10 subscribe to my channel to find 13:11 marv issues portrayed the sport it's more tutorials 13:15 and also make sure to press Apply bottom or leave a comment below to Syria 13:19 thank you for watching shaker

1“My friends and leaders of our nation, listen as I explain what happened!” 2When the crowd heard Paul speak to them in Aramaic, they became even quieter. Then Paul said: 3 I am a Jew, born in the city of Tarsus in Cilicia. But I grew up here in Jerusalem where I was a student of Gamaliel and was taught to follow every single law of our ancestors. In fact, I was just as eager to obey God as any of you are today. 4 I made trouble for everyone who followed the Lord's Way,[M] and I even had some of them killed. I had others arrested and put in jail. I didn't care if they were men or women. 5The high priest and all the council members can tell you this is true. They even gave me letters to the Jewish leaders in Damascus, so that I could arrest people there and bring them to Jerusalem to be punished. 6 One day about noon I was getting close to Damascus, when a bright light from heaven suddenly flashed around me. 7I fell to the ground and heard a voice asking, “Saul, Saul, why are you so cruel to me?” 8“Who are you?” I answered. The Lord replied, “I am Jesus from Nazareth! I am the one you are so cruel to.” 9Those who were traveling with me saw the light, but did not hear the voice. 10I asked, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” Then he told me, “Get up and go to Damascus. When you get there, you will be told what to do.” 11The light had been so bright that I couldn't see. And the others had to lead me by the hand to Damascus. 12In that city there was a man named Ananias, who faithfully obeyed the Law of Moses and was well liked by all the Jewish people living there. 13He came to me and said, “Saul, my friend, you can now see again!” At once I could see. 14Then Ananias told me, “The God that our ancestors worshiped has chosen you to know what he wants done. He has chosen you to see the One Who Obeys God[N] and to hear his voice. 15You must tell everyone what you have seen and heard. 16What are you waiting for? Get up! Be baptized, and wash away your sins by praying to the Lord.” 17After this I returned to Jerusalem and went to the temple to pray. There I had a vision 18of the Lord who said to me, “Hurry and leave Jerusalem! The people won't listen to what you say about me.” 19I replied, “Lord, they know that in many of our synagogues I arrested and beat people who had faith in you. 20 Stephen was killed because he spoke for you, and I stood there and cheered them on. I even guarded the clothes of the men who murdered him.” 21But the Lord told me to go, and he promised to send me far away to the Gentiles. 22The crowd listened until Paul said this. Then they started shouting, “Get rid of this man! He doesn't deserve to live.” 23They kept shouting. They waved their clothes around and threw dust into the air. Paul and the Roman Army Commander 24The Roman commander ordered Paul to be taken into the fortress and beaten with a whip. He did this to find out why the people were screaming at Paul. 25While the soldiers were tying Paul up to be beaten, he asked the officer standing there, “Is it legal to beat a Roman citizen before he has been tried in court?” 26When the officer heard this, he went to the commander and said, “What are you doing? This man is a Roman citizen!” 27The commander went to Paul and asked, “Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” “Yes,” Paul answered. 28The commander then said, “I paid a lot of money to become a Roman citizen.”[O] But Paul replied, “I was born a Roman citizen.” 29The men who were about to beat and question Paul quickly backed off. And the commander himself was frightened when he realized that he had put a Roman citizen in chains. Paul Is Tried by the Council 30The next day the commander wanted to know the real reason why the Jewish leaders had brought charges against Paul. So he had Paul's chains removed, and he ordered the chief priests and the whole council to meet. Then he had Paul led in and made him stand in front of them.